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"The title of this series is Moroi, a Japanese word meaning brittle or fragile. Moroi focuses on unconventional themes that are intentionally confrontational; regarding the rawness of the human psyche, and how we are confronted between vulnerability and our own emotions.

Through a use of bold colours, blend of sophisticated shades, and disruption  line work - these abstractions ultimately cultivate the theme of intimacy in Moroi. Nishiyama views the series of paintings as a means of a visual diary - by having the Japanese English title exposed, Nishiyama expresses integrity to her Japanese origins while challenging our understanding of confrontation.

Though Moroi reflects personal vulnerability, Nishiyama does not view this experience as singular; it’s plural and something we all face. How does vulnerability in relation to emotion make us who we are? Does it separate or unite us? That is what Moroi is questioning, and these paintings attempt to answer that."

- Greenpoint Gallery, New York, 2019