"Common themes in Nishiyama’s work revolve around the topic of human fragility. What makes human fragility so irresistible to Nishiyama is how fickle of an entity it is to her. The human capacity is a colossal spectrum that can greatly bend and mould anyone’s path. The idea of passion to Nishiyama; is the most electrifying sensation in the world. It is not limited to peer to peer relationships, but passion for ones ambitions, passion in love, passion in hatred, passion in anger, sadness, regret, the list goes on and on. Unwilling to create anything less than the pure production of passion from within, Nishiyama’s artworks change overtime. However, the style of a dark, abstract expressionism remains indistinguishable within her array of works."  - Positive Magazine


Mizuki Nishiyama is a New York-based, mixed-Japanese artist known for her raw, vivid and multifaceted paintings that explore the fragile human condition.


As a mixed-Japanese artist, Nishiyama draws inspiration from the East and West. Bridging her Hong Kong, Japanese and Italian cultural heritages, Nishiyama fuses her craft with New York’s gripping energy, establishing her distinctive style that represents her unique background.


Nishiyama draws from deeply personal experiences to craft each and her every artwork: her ongoing relationship with anxiety and trauma has greatly influenced her practice, and has fueled her to better understand vulnerability, fragility and the human condition. The act of painting has always been a reflective and meditative process for Nishiyama, and she finds it crucial to cope with the more tempestuous periods in her life.


“Painting provides the perfect safe space for me to explore my emotions and personal circumstances within the perimeters of my canvas,” she explains. Through her work Nishiyama challenges her viewers to question the nature of the human experience and to confront their own personal vulnerabilities.


Nishiyama holds an Undergraduate Degree from Parsons School of Design, and Masters from Sotheby's Institute of Art in London.

Her solo exhibitions include Shunga (2020) at Whitestone Gallery Hong Kong, 脆い: An Exploration of Human Fragility (2019) at Greenpoint Gallery in New York, and An Exploration of Human Fragility: Love & Lust (2020) at the Tenri Cultural Institute in New York.

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